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method to rent a car contact facebook page : Krabi car rental by tn rent a car Chat with contact to reserve a car. or ask for more information contact Line official: Add Line, chat to contact to reserve a car or ask for more information book via web page What to prepare for car rental bookings ID card or passport All must be original and all must not expire. Thai or international driving license (International driving license) dose not expire only Documents for booking a flight back and forth In this case, the deposit is not kept.…


Self-drive car rental conditions The driver of the rental car have a driving license. The driver must be the person specified in the rental contract only. Rent a car on a daily basis, due 1 day in 24 hours, return the car over time. Additional charge 200 baht per hour, more than 4 hours counted as 1 day. Deposit 3,000 baht (in the event that the customer does not have documents for flights to and from the flight) Rental documents ID card or passport Thai or international driving license How to rental method to rent a car Contact Facebook page:…

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