How to rental

method to rent a car

  1. contact facebook page : Krabi car rental by tn rent a car Chat with contact to reserve a car. or ask for more information
  2. contact Line official: Add Line, chat to contact to reserve a car or ask for more information
  3. book via web page

What to prepare for car rental bookings

  1. ID card or passport All must be original and all must not expire.
  2. Thai or international driving license (International driving license) dose not expire only
  3. Documents for booking a flight back and forth In this case, the deposit is not kept.

Procedures and methods of booking a car rental through the web page

  1. web site :
  2. input pick-up location, drop-off location, pick-up date, drop-off date> >Press the Search button

3. Select the car you want to rent.

4 . want to rent. Make a reservation for a car rental >> Press the button to reserve a car rental.

required Information

  • input pick-up location
  • input drop-off location
  • Pick up date / time
  • drop-off date / time
  • Additional services (choose one)
  • Free deposit – buy 1st class insurance : 250 baht / day
  • Free deposit – attach documents for booking flights Krabi
  • Deposit 3,000 baht

or select to pick up and drop off the car outside the airport but within the area of ​​Krabi

service charge additional

  • Ao Nang, 350 baht per time
  • in Krabi town 200 baht per time
  • Khlong Muang, 450 baht per time
  • Thap Khaek 500 baht per time

or choose to drop-off location another airport

  • additional cost
  • Phuket Airport, service fee 1,500 baht.
  • Surat Airport, service fee is 1,400 baht.
  • Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport, service fee 1,500 baht.
  • Trang Airport, service fee is 1,400 baht.

5. Car rental and payment procedures >>input information >> Press the button to reserve

required Information

  • input car rental information

required Information

  • choose the corresponding add-on service.
  • In the case of choosing to attach documents for booking flights to and from Krabi It is necessary to attach the flight documents.

Press to accept the terms. >> I have read and accept the terms Terms of payment for car rental . *

6. Payment >> rental and pay

Payment methods >> Money transfer

  • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) / 4150115814 / Mr. Anukul Bangbai
  • Kasikornbank (KBank) / 3392183417 / Mr. Anukul Bangbai

Pay in case of balance due

7. Check booking status >> succeed

order status : Success >> Download the rental documents

Sample of documents for car rental

8. Contact for more information >> Click the Chat button to select a channel to contact for more information.

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