Self-drive car rental conditions

  1. The driver of the rental car have a driving license.
  2. The driver must be the person specified in the rental contract only.
  3. Rent a car on a daily basis, due 1 day in 24 hours, return the car over time. Additional charge 200 baht per hour, more than 4 hours counted as 1 day.
  4. Deposit 3,000 baht (in the event that the customer does not have documents for flights to and from the flight)

Rental documents

  1. ID card or passport
  2. Thai or international driving license

How to rental

method to rent a car

  1. Contact Facebook page: เช่ารถกระบี่ by tn rent a car  Chat with the page to contact to reserve a car. or ask for more information

  2. Contact Line official:  Add Line, chat to contact to reserve a car or ask for more information

  3. book via web page


  1. account transfer

The process from picking up the car – returning the car

Required items for picking up a car

  1. Documents or information for booking a car rental In case of booking via the website, refer to information from Order >> Car Rental Reservation Form or contact for information from other channels.

  2. ID card or passport
  3. Thai or international driving license

1. Picking up a car

pick-up process

(1) We will take a photocopy of the driver’s license. your passport and related documents

(2) We will ask you to read the rental agreement and other relevant documents. and sign if accepting the terms and conditions

(3) Payment must be made via credit card when picking up the vehicle.

(4) Our staff will ask you to inspect and confirm the exterior of the vehicle. If you see any damage on the vehicle Please notify staff immediately.

2. Returning the car

Procedure for returning the car

*Please return the car with a full tank of gas.

(1) Show the gas receipt when returning the car.

(2) The staff will inspect the car with you. Please do not leave personal belongings in the car.

(3) You may need to pay extra. If there is an additional charge

Car Rental Terms

1. Tenant properties

  • The driver must be 21 years of age or older or a person holding a driver’s license.
  • Have a valid Thai driving license or International driving license
  • Have an ID card or passport All must be original and all must not expire.


  • o not bring the car to anyone to use or rent. Sublease or Do not bring it to people who did not come to do it. Lease contract and no driver’s license
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and drugs when driving a car. Because the insurance company will not cover, the renter will have to pay for all damages by himself in the event of an accident.
  • strictly follow the traffic rules and drive with negligence if breaking traffic rules such as speeding beyond the law
    Set or break through the solid line and red lights, or other cases until a fine is sent to the company, the customer must pay all by himself, which the company will charge the customer again, the initial cost of 600 baht or more
  • Renters need to be careful about missing cars. When the rental car is lost You must pay 20 percent of the estimated car price or the difference in excess expenses at the company. Insurance does not cover The insurance company will pay a portion as specified in the policy.

3. Insurance conditions for rental cars (**Note: Class 1 insurance will not cover these 4 issues)

  • total forklift cost Free forklift for the first 20 kilometers, after that the customer must Pay yourself or as charged by the insurance
    (If the car has to be lifted due to an accident the customer acts or is acted upon The customer has to pay for the forklift. additional by yourself)
  • Tires. If a tire leaks, the customer must repair the tire and return it to the company if the tire breaks. Must buy tires of the old brand and the same pattern for the new company.
  • glass if damaged The tenant will be responsible for
  • All car interior equipment such as car interior documents, car seats, tires, jack parts, keys, etc. If the customer-made device is damaged or lost during car rental The customer must pay all the fines as charged by the company. The company will use the price of fines according to the price determined by the car service center of that brand and the actual service fee.

4. Scratches on the outside of the car

  • If the customer is at fault, the portion of the insurance claim must be paid. first or debug/access in the outer part of the car That must be broken 3,000 – 5,000 baht per wound per time (Price 3,000 baht in case of abrasions, 5,000 baht in case of abrasions and dents, collapse, fracture, as well) Note : If the cost of repairing the car is more than the insurance covered in the policy, the customer will have to pay all additional expenses by himself. The company will insure 1 for every customer whose protection will be provided by law

    Note: In the event that the customer loses the car and the original key is not lost with the customer, the customer must pay 20% of the total amount of the car or the difference that the policy does not cover, 80% of which the insurance will take care of. If the real key and the car is lost with all customers or If the case ends that the customer is at fault for causing the vehicle to be lost The customer must pay the cost. of the total price of the car itself 100% Car insurance will take care of the cost of car repairs. In the event that the customer has an accident Car insurance will cover the cost of repairs and the Motor Vehicle Act will protect the lives of passengers and the driver or third party according to the price specified by the Motor Vehicle Act. The insurance policy takes care of it accordingly. If there are expenses in excess of the policy Insurance or Act.As a matter of fact, the customer will have to pay the difference in amount accordingly. All real prices, such as the car has a heavy accident, the car is repaired Insurance takes care of 670,000 baht, but there is an additional cost of 80,000 baht in excess of the insurance. The customer has to pay all the extra by themselves.

5. Availability of the car

  • When the customer reserves the car and confirms the use on the date specified, we will make Provide cars that are inspected every time and of the best quality. ready for in use on the date and time specified

6. Travel fuel

  • The company will fill the tank with gasoline gasohol 91 when the car renter brings the car. To deliver it back, the company will have to fill the tank of gasoline gasohol 91 as before. Recommend customers to fill up at a gas station near the company, within a radius of not more than 3 kilometers, if the tank is not full, the customer will have to pay a fuel fine of 321 baht for a 1.2 cc car. For Yaris cars, 1.5 cc and 1.8 cc engines will be charged a fuel fine of 535 baht, and for a 2.0-2.5 cc vehicle, a 749 baht fine will be charged (not recommended to add water below E20). because the oil will evaporate quickly and the well-tech sensor of the car’s oil can be damaged because of the mixing of oil)

7.In the event that the customer has an accident or has a problem with the engine

  • according to the conditions of service of a spare car In case of engine problems that cannot be used which is caused by the customer doing it himself or caused by the quality of the car itself
    • Case 1: The customer has an accident and the car is unable to drive due to the customer’s actions. The contract will terminate immediately. (The company will change a replacement car in case the customer pays for a car replacement fee of 3,210 baht, not including the cost of traveling to change the car according to the distance)
    • Case 2. If there is a problem with the engine, it is not possible to continue traveling because of the quality of the car itself, which is not caused by the action of the customer. (The company provides a free replacement car service. In both cases, you can contact us 24 hours a day to reserve a replacement car for your next trip.
    • In the event of other accidents such as a tire leak, a broken tire Car renters need to Perform manual corrections. In the event that the customer wants the company to help, they will have to pay. Additional service fee according to distance and as specified by the company

8. Car rental period

  • The car rental period is calculated as 24 hours, equal to 1 day, for example, the customer picks up the car on January 1, 2020 at 9:00 a.m., returns the car on January 2, 2020 at 9:00 a.m., calculated as 1 day, if more than 1 hour. . Charge 200 baht per hour, if more than 4 hours, think 1 day.

9. Car Responsibility for Renter

  • Renters must clearly understand the rental car insurance which is different from Individual car insurance which class insurance 1 Commercial type and rental type do not cover 4 items under condition 3 The company will be aware of the safety of car hirers who use our services. The company will carefully inspect the quality of the car every time before delivering it to the customer. We hope that the car rental after renting the car will bring the car back to the company. Customers will still have to maintain The condition of the car remains the same. Except for normal engine wear throughout the journey for car renters
  • When the outside of the car is damaged from an accident or bump, dented by the tenant The car renter at fault shall pay for the deductible in the insurance claims pursuant to Article 3, subsection 4, and insurance that is not covered under Article 3, subsection 1-3 (Article 1-3). Sub. Customers have to take care of themselves. No insurance to purchase additionally), the customer must pay the cost himself. according to the list specified by the company

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